Welcome to the Rawlins Jam Motorcylce Rally webpage. Here you can get information about the rally for each year. The Jam takes place in Rawlins, Wyoming and consists of a poker run over one of the local mountain passes. That evening there is a street dance.

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Welcome to the Rawlins Jam Motorcycle Rally website! This site was created to convey information on this rally which takes place every summer in Rawlins, Wyoming. This rally and poker run has evolved over the years. Originally, it was sponsored and organized by Jill Carrico and was called Jill's Jam. She handed over the reins to a group of orgainizers several years ago. That group apparently got burnt out on the process so wanted to give up their roles. John Rutherford and Scott Hannum and a few volunteers have since taken over the organization of this rally. In the past, the activities consisted of a full day of activities, starting in the morning with registraion. Registration took place for a couple hours at which time the group left Rawlins (kickstands up). Riders rode along a course that left Rawlins and went over the mountains, returning the Rawlins after three stops to draw cards for the rider's poker hands. Once back in Rawlins, the participants present their cards and the winners are determined. The after ride activities are sponsored by various sponsors with food and usually a dance. Prizes will be awarded to the best poker hands and a winner of the bug splat will be presented along with a few door prizes. It is always a good time so if you know somebody who rides a motorcycle, tell them about the day of activities and this website so they can participate next year.

I am trying to make this a destination site to get information on Wyoming poker runs and rallies as well. If you are sponsoring or know of a rally or poker run in Wyoming, let me know so I can add the event to the 'Wyoming Rallies' page to spotlight other Wyoming rallys.

If you are interested in being a sponsor of this website, send me an e-mail and I'll give you a quote for what the cost will be. I will present a graphic on this main page with a link to either your website or your e-mail address and the cost will be minimal. This could be an inexpensive way to advertise on a rally site such as this and get the word out to bikers about your business or your service.

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