A list of the differences between your friends and your biker friends! I hope you enjoy this list and perhaps share with others.

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Friends: Never ask for food
Biker Friends: Are the reason you have no food-
Friends: Will say 'Hello'
Biker Friends: Will give you a big hug and a kiss
Friends: Call your parents Mr and Mrs
Biker Friends: Call your parents Mom and Dae
Friends: Have never seen you cry
Biker Friends: Cry with you
Friends: Eat at your dinner table and leave
Biker Friends: Will spend hours laughing, talking and being together
Friends: Know a few things about you
Biker Friends: Could write a book with direct quotes
Frineds: Knock on your door
Biker Friens: Walk right in and say 'I'm Home'
Friends: Are for a while
Biker Friends: Are for life
Friends: Will ignore this
Biker Friends: This will touch their heart

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